Drainage and CCTV

Spaflow teams are trained to the highest standards, enabling them to complete the survey successfully and also work safely in hazardous areas.

Drainage and CCTV

Spaflow is a company specialising in tracing and surveying drainage systems, utilising either man entry, manual surface techniques, electronic tracing or closed circuit television (CCTV) on foul or surface water, chemical or process drainage.

Closed circuit television (CCTV) surveys have become one of the most effective means of surveying drainage systems and for identifying problem areas within a drainage network.

Spaflow is a company committed to providing the highest quality service in their specialist field. The company uses the latest, state of the art equipment and employs fully trained, versatile and experienced operatives.

The teams which carry out a survey are trained to the highest standards, enabling them not only to complete the survey successfully but also to work safely in hazardous areas.

Additionally our teams are trained to be considerate of our clients needs so as to minimise disruption when undertaking a survey.

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Spaflow Detailed Reports

Survey Reports

As part of our commitment to total quality service, Spaflow will prepare survey reports in the format which you, the client, requires. In addition to the standard ‘Water Authorities’ format, Spaflow can provide narrative style reports incorporating colour still photographs taken directly from the video survey record.

Such reports can be extended further to include multicolour maps and plans produced on our CAD system, based on Intergraph or AutoCAD formats.

Colour graphs, charts and schedules can be prepared showing prioritised defects and rehabilitation requirements to assist with the planning and implementation of the work.

Our extensive experience in the design of drainage systems gives us a full understanding of the implications of survey findings.


Spaflow uses the latest portable flexiprobe and colour camera technology produced by Pearpoint Ltd, the market leader in CCTV equipment which gives reliably good results even in the most difficult conditions.

The system comprises a rugged solid-state camera which can readily penetrate pipes as small as 50mm diameter, under certain circumstances even smaller pipes can be surveyed.

This camera is connected to a semi-rigid GRP rod which can be extended for 150 metres and is adequately flexible to pass around a 90 degree bend.

Where large diameter pipes and culverts are to be surveyed a self-propelled tractor-mounted camera unit is utilised; this unit incorporates a swivelling head enabling direct viewing of defects and connections.

The camera incorporates a radio transmitter; its signals can be picked-up at the surface with a ‘hand-held’ receiver tracing unit which can locate buried drain pipes accurately, including non-metallic pipes to a maximum depth of three metres. This facility enables accurate location of features or defects identified on the CCTV survey.

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Spaflow Detailed Reports

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