High Pressure Jetting

The jetting unit used by our technically experienced operatives is capable of working in many different environments.

High Pressure Jetting

The Power to Clear the Toughest Blockage

Although pipelines can become blocked, obstructed or contaminated for a variety of reasons, the vast majority can be cleared by one highly effective method – High Pressure Jetting.

The jetting unit used by our technically experienced operatives is capable of working in many different environments, from unblocking fragile, small diameter drains to root-cutting in larger sewers. Both the water pressure and the flow rate are variable up to a maximum of 272 Bar (4000 PSI) and 54 litres per minute (12 GPM).

The ‘Neolith’ jetting system used by Spaflow can utilise a wide range of different jet configurations to suit the situation.

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For larger sized sewers, culverts, wells and more onerous conditions, Spaflow utilise equipment appropriate to the work, such as lorry mounted ‘Vactor’ units which can deliver high and continuous flows and vacuum suction lifts.

Spaflow offer you the option of a CCTV record, both before and after the jetting operation and simple or detailed. In this way you can be confident that the jetting has been carried out to the standard you require and expect from a first class operator.

In conjunction with surveys, Spaflow will undertake hydraulic testing of drains with water or air to establish soundness or whether, and to what extent, leakage is occurring.

Spaflow operates a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year service.

High Pressure Jetting

Dye tracing and ‘rare chemical’ dosing can be instigated to prove connections and pipe routes, leakage or ingress problems.
Pump rate and flow monitoring is also offered.

However exacting your requirements, Spaflow believes it can deliver me total package, at a quality and level of service to meet or exceed your expectations.

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High Pressure Jetting Gallery

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