Specialist Drainage Products

Spaflow can produce specialised drainage products to suit your particular requirements, in batches or as ‘one off’ specials.

Specialist Drainage Products

Spaflow manufactures a range of specialist drainage products, particularly for work on the London Underground Railway System, where the standard commercial range of products would not be suitable. These products include pre-cast concrete catchpit segments & covers, ballast guards, galvanised mild steel gratings and ladders, etc.

These products have been developed from standard designs approved by London Underground Ltd, or have been designed and developed to meet the specific needs unique to the Railway and with which Spaflow has substantial experience and for which Spaflow is an approved supplier.

All products are manufactured in a range of standard sizes to suit established requirements and can be produced to other dimensions if required.

Manufacture is in all cases in compliance, as a minimum, with appropriate British Standards including BS5400 RU & RL ratings and to a high quality of finish.
Spaflow can produce these specialised products, or others, to suit your particular requirements, in batches or as ‘one off’ specials.

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Custom Designs

Spaflow’s CAD Department can produce detailed designs, manufacturing and installation drawings and calculations for any requirements or for client approvals.

  • Pre-cast Reinforced Catchpit Segments
  • Pre-cast Reinforced Concrete Catchpit Covers
  • Pre-cast Reinforced Concrete Ballast Guards
  • Galvanised Steel Gratings

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