Specialist Surveys

Spaflow endeavours to provide a full team including protection staff, ensuring that unaided we can provide a totally self contained service.

Specialist Surveys

Spaflow is a versatile organisation capable of undertaking surveys of various kinds. Spaflow offers extensive experience in the following major disciplines:

  • Railway Installations
  • Confined Spaces
  • Water Ingress

These services can be offered as individual activities or in combination as an overall survey package.

Our organisation has staff trained to at least the appropriate level for the task, including PST, PICOW, SPIC, fire watchman, trolley master, lift & escalator, machine room, track accustomed, track competent, hand signalman and protection master for station, track & depots in engineering & traffic hours.

Whenever possible Spaflow endeavours to provide a full team including protection staff, ensuring that unaided we can provide a totally self contained service.

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Confined Spaces

Spaflow has specialist, versatile teams of trained and experienced operatives which can work safely in ‘Confined Spaces’ and other similar hazardous or undesirable areas such as sewers, culverts, tunnels, ventilation shafts, service ducts and wells. The teams will comply with client specific requirements.

Survey teams are appropriately trained and equipped with all the necessary personal safety equipment including protective clothing, harnesses, winches, air quality/gas detection kit, breathing apparatus and communication systems etc. as suited to the relevant task.
Each survey task is evaluated initially by a qualified Health and Safety Advisor who will prepare a detailed method statement stipulating the safe working procedures with which the team will comply.

Spaflow has completed surveys and reports for the specific purpose of the evaluation of risks to health and safety.

Railway Installations

Spaflow has many years of experience of the railway environment, its requirements and its hazards, in particular for: surveys of gravity and pumped drainage systems, water services, cabling, fuel lines, gas, track assets, water ingress problems, debris and waste accumulation in both underground and surface level stations, track drainage, depot buildings, rail yards and associated premises such as deep ventilation shafts and major sub-stations.

Water Ingress

Their many years of experience with the London Underground Railway and similar environments has enabled Spaflow to develop particular experience in the investigation and tracing of sources of water ingress into premises, proving the source or likely source and progressing measures to solve the problem.

Spaflow can undertake liaison with Local Authorities, Statutory Bodies, Water Companies etc., as necessary, advising and dealing with legal advisors for the client and other interested parties.

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Spaflow Detailed Reports

Extent of Survey

The extent and detail of each survey will be agreed with the client to ensure it suits the purpose.

Surveys can be simple, to identify the nature and extent of an installation or a condition survey with recommendations carried through to a fully detailed asset inventory.

The survey method can range from a simple manual view and record through to the development of an asset “question and answer” proforma system, for use with a state of the art digital or pen based electronic data capture device.

The report format will be established to suit the clients’ requirements, ranging from simple written statements to fully detailed descriptive documents, complete with videos, photographs, asset numbering and colour CAD record drawings with IT links providing the client with an asset database for valuations and facilities management purposes.

Spaflow Detailed Reports

Detailed Reports

Description of the premises and system • Survey findings • Recommendations • Data disk • CCTV video file • Photographs • CAD drawings
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Spaflow Specialist Contracting

Specialist Contracting

We have a proven capability in many forms of construction, cleaning and rehabilitation work including Railway Works and Specialist Cleaning Works.
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Spaflow High Pressure Jetting

High Pressure Jetting

The jetting unit used by our operatives is capable of unblocking fragile, small diameter drains to root-cutting in larger sewers.
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Spaflow Building Services

Building Services

We can undertake surveys of various kinds with substantial experience in the disciplines of Drainage, External Utilities, and Building Services.
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Spaflow Water Ingress

Water Ingress

Water ingress is a problem which occurs in many buildings, generally, but not always, in areas below ground.
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Spaflow CCTV and Drainage

CCTV and Drainage

Spaflow teams are trained to the highest standards, enabling them to complete the survey successfully and also work safely in hazardous areas.
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