Specialist Contracting Services

Spaflow is willing to undertake unusual or difficult tasks, in particular those in confined spaces or other difficult areas.

Specialist Contracting Services

Spaflow is a versatile organisation with a proven capability in many forms of construction, cleaning and rehabilitation work.

Our experience covers the following main activities:

  • Specialist Contracting/Rehabilitation Works
  • Railway Works
  • Specialist Cleaning Works

Specialist Contracting/Rehabilitation Works

Spaflow is willing to undertake and has a proven successful record in undertaking unusual or difficult tasks, in particular those in confined spaces or other difficult areas.

The following examples of successfully completed projects show the extent of Spaflow’s competence and experience:

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  • the excavation and repair of ancient wells, including the installation of pumps and permanent irrigation systems
  • the survey and reconstruction of outfall headwalls and the extensive repair of ancient culverts of historic interest which drain important ornamental lakes
  • the construction of a night-club and all its facilities in Railway Arches
  • the removal and replacement of anti-flood valves protecting underground stations from Public Sewer Surcharge
  • the CCTV survey, jetting, excavation and repair of station and track drainage systems on railways
  • the training of a client’s operatives in Pipe Freezing techniques for water services and chilled water pipework for a major hotel refurbishment in Manila
  • investigation of leakage and consequent remedial works for a major process drainage/lubricant pipework system for a diamond tooling manufacturer

Railway Works

Spaflow has many years varied experience in many aspects of working on the railway, railway stations, depots and other railway premises.

It is fully aware of the particular difficulties, requirements and dangers inherent in such environments. Each of our operatives is experienced and trained to at least the appropriate level for the task in hand.

Spaflow is experienced in railway related drainage and water system surveys, construction and rehabilitation (including pump stations), grease, oil/petrol interceptors, anti-flood systems, vent shafts, platform inverts and stations generally.

Our organisation has staff trained to at least the appropriate level for the task, including PST, PICOW, SPIC, fire watchman, trolley master, lift & escalator, machine room, track accustomed, track competent, hand signalman and protection master for station, track & depots in engineering & traffic hours.

Whenever possible Spaflow endeavours to provide a full team including protection staff, ensuring that unaided we can provide a totally self contained service.

Specialist Cleaning Works

Spaflow has substantial experience in the specification and carrying out of specialist cleaning works, particularly in confined spaces or other difficult environments, for example in Underground Railway Stations, Platform Inverts, Service Tunnels, Ventilation Shafts and Track Drainage Systems.

Other specialist cleaning works include the cleaning of grease traps, pump tanks, pump chambers and the cleaning and disinfecting of water services systems.

Our organisation is familiar with the requirement to work to high standards to suit client requirements or to maintain good labour relations, including the need for taking samples for chemical analysis to prove results.

Spaflow understands the process of collecting samples of water, fluids, solids and other substances for chemical analysis for both health and safety and legal report purposes and for legal disposal.

Each of our operatives is experienced, versatile and trained to work safely in unusual environments; appropriate training and health and safety procedures are implemented for each, project.

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Specialist Contracting Services Gallery

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